Speaking-Topic Examples

Diverse Leaders on the Executive Path:
Wisdom and Insights for Navigating the Journey
  What You Will Learn:

  • Significant experiences that influence the career trajectory of racial and ethnic minorities on the executive path
  • How to leverage unique challenges that racial and ethnic minorities face on the executive path into opportunities for career mobility
  • Key strategies for navigating the executive path journey
Discerning What Matters Most:
7 Essentials for Life and Career
  What You Will Learn:

  • How to discern what matters most in your career and life.
  • 7 essentials that make a difference in your career and life journey.
  • Strategies for transforming the 7 essentials into practices that matter
Don’t Let Setbacks Take You Back   What You Will Learn:

  • How to not let setbacks take you back
  • What to do when the ‘going gets tough’ on the career journey
  • Tips for turning setbacks into actions that take you forward
Redefining the C-Suite   What You Will Learn:

  • Why the C-suite is not necessarily a destination
  • A new meaning for the C-suite
  • How to envision your C-suite opportunity

**Topics can be adapted to different presentation formats and audience sizes.