Leadership Development

General Services

We design and facilitate leadership development strategies, processes, and programs that enhance the individual and collective capabilities of organizational members. The intent is to help leaders develop relationships and work collaboratively so that they can effectively lead and manage adaptive challenges in complex organizations. Leadership development strategies are values-based and aligned with organizational goals.

Specialized Services

 “Leaders of Color on the Executive Path”


The number of leaders of color in executive level positions remains an opportunity for growth. According to Sylvia Ann Hewlett in her January 22, 2014 HBR blog, leaders of color hold only 11% of executive posts in corporate America (link). A Compass Point and Meyer Foundation study, “Daring to Lead 2011: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership” surveyed 3,067 executive directors of which 82% were White, 5% African-American, 3% Hispanic, 3% Asian/Pacific Islander, and .5% Native American (link). The study results are another example of the opportunity to increase diversity and inclusion at the executive level. In a study of National Association of Health Services Executives conducted by Witt/Kieffer results indicated that there is a leadership development gap for leaders of color aspiring to become C-suite leaders (link). Similarly, in a blog by Rosetta Thurman in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the author raised the question about the decline in leadership development for nonprofit professionals of color after two programs targeted to emerging foundation leaders were terminated at the time of her blog (link).

These data provide the rationale for offering leadership development services targeted to leaders of color at a time of growing diversity in our society and organizations. Leaders of color often face unique challenges on the career path to executive level positions. The challenges may include coping with conscious and unconscious biases about race and ethnicity; biases about the ability of people of color to lead effectively and their leadership capabilities; and managing the subtleties of micro-inequities in a constructive manner. Navigating these challenges requires support that enhances self-awareness and bolsters self-esteem as well as self-confidence.

We offer three key services:

Leadership Workshop: “Leveraging the Unique Challenges: Leaders of Color on the Executive Path”

    • Learning Objective: To examine and dialogue about experiences with managing the unique challenges and identify viable strategies for leveraging them into opportunities for leadership growth.
    • 1 1/2 day program; offered on-site in organizations or off-site for small groups of leaders of color by request

Leadership Development Advisor

    • Focused on developing a collaborative relationship with individual leaders of color that seek career- focused leadership development guidance and support on the executive path journey.

Leadership Learning Circle Facilitation

    • Facilitated dialogue that enables leaders of color to share and learn from experiences with leveraging and managing unique challenges on the executive path in a positive manner that honors the group and others that support them on their journey. The collective wisdom of the learning circle becomes a supportive and useful network for leadership growth.