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Our Services
Leadership Development
Design and facilitate leadership development strategies, processes, and programs that enhance the collective and individual capabilities of organizational members. The intent is to help leaders develop relationships and work collaboratively to effectively lead and manage adaptive challenges in complex organizations. Leadership development strategies are values-based and aligned with the organization's goals.
Executive Coaching
Individual coaching is designed to help leaders to deepen their self-awareness and enhance self-management.  The coaching process helps leaders to reflect on their strengths, identify opportunities for growth, and outline development plans targeted to improving personal and professional leadership capabilities. 
Change Management
Change management strategies are designed to help leaders to develop and facilitate  organizational change processes to achieve targeted outcomes.  Managing the human impact of change associated with reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, strategic alliances, and new leadership requires focused attention and purposeful action.   Process consultation can be particularly helpful for leaders as they make difficult decisions in complex organizations.
Team Development
Design and facilitate customized team development processes focused on enhancing team effectiveness to maximize performance excellence.   Team development helps teams to work better together to attain shared goals by clarifying roles and responsibilities, developing guidelines for decision making and conflict management, purposeful meeting management, and effective problem solving techniques.
Strategic Planning
Develop and facilitate thoughtful and results-oriented strategic planning processes that engage leaders in developing plans that will help to anticipate and shape the future.  A variety of perspectives, models, and approaches are used to help leaders develop focused and actionable plans.    Strategic planning is not just about the plan but also about the process of building the leadership teamwork needed to execute the plan.
Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
Face-to-Face leadership meetings and retreats are becoming precious processes in our high technology global society.  This means that in-person meetings and retreats must be designed to build the essential relationships needed to achieve organizational results.   It is critical that meeting and retreat planning and design ensure that the space is created in which critical dialogue can occur. Targeted facilitation supports effective participation and focuses the meeting on the issues most important to the team.
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